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In today’s fast-paced world, companies that are faced with increasing technological change turn to IBA InfoTech Inc. to help them execute challenging IT In today’s fast-paced world, companies that are faced with increasing technological change turn to IBA InfoTech Inc. to help them execute challenging IT projects and deployments. That's where you come in.

We're constantly looking for skilled IT professionals to fill our consulting positions. Working with us and our clients, you'll have access to some of the best recruiters in the industry as well as a trusted selection process that ensures your placement in jobs where you excel, improve your experience and build lasting relationships.


Do you feel stuck? Is your current job making you worried ? Do you need a career change or just a job change ? These are just a few of the many areas when professional career coaching can help you. Through one-on-one personalized consulting, we will guide you to define your goals and action to experience forward movement with built-in accountability. We will explore your natural ability to realize the future that you want. Let’s work together to help you discover the next step in your career path. You already have many of the answers within you.

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Our mission
To provide our candidates a professional services, skills and resources needed to achieve satisfaction and success in career .

Our philosophy
Each person and his situation is different. One solution or skill will never help every one to reach once full potential. Take advantage of our curated consulting programme and avail opportunities that others can’t.

Our commitment to results
We put our full effort when we take you on as our consulting cadidate. Our success is measured by your success and satisfaction. That’s why we have designed our consulting programme in such a way that you can keep your career on the right track, took right steps that puts you on the road to achieving you both, your long term and your short-term career goals.

How is Career Consulting Different from Career Counseling?
While Career Consulting share many common elements with career counseling, there are some fundamental differences. Each services focuses on providing candidates with the guidance, support and resources necessary to make a positive career changes and achieve success. However, whereas in counseling, counselor try to figure out candidate’s past jobs (if the candidate is experience), it's skills, and academics to giude them to a right career

path whereas career consulting and coaching, a candidates’s past may be acknowledged and discussed, but the focus is more on the here-and-now and the client’s future.

A career counselor may be the ideal choice for individuals dealing with emotions and unresolved psychological issues which are preventing positive forward growth.

Career consulting and coaching is ideal for those individuals seeking a more goal-oriented, results-driven experience. Keep in mind that for some, the assistance of both a career consultant/coach and career counselor may be most beneficial.

WhatWe Offer


Searching for a college major, searching for a career path or making a career transition can be confusing and overwhelming. At IBA InfoTech Inc, We offer career counseling services and work with client's needs and interests, meeting each person wherever he or she is on a career path. Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey or at a career intersection, We offer professional guidance and support in your search towards a satisfying career.

The kind of work you do in life is important for your happiness, your sense of purpose and your financial well-being. But figuring out what career path will be satisfying can be challenging whether you are:

  1. A student undecided about which course of study to pursue.
  2. A recent college graduate who has no idea about "next steps".
  3. A mid-career professional who is looking for a change.
  4. A person who has finished a “career” but looking for a new journey.

Before you can look outward to find a satisfying job, you must first look inward. We at IBA InfoTech work with people to help them look both inward and outward as they identify their career values, interests, and personality style, all of which are essential steps toward ending up in the right kind of work. Together we set realistic goals and define actionable steps for pursuing a career that fits each client's personality. Helping people find a career they love is our own goal and personal commitment in this collaborative process.

Our focus is on the individual, so approaches to each person’s situation will vary, but some of the steps we might take could include:

  1. Matching interests and career goals with tools such as the Strong Interest Inventory.
  2. Defining career values with a Career Values Card Sort.
  3. Discovering personal characteristics through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).
  4. Exploring career options in targeted fields.
  5. Setting achievable goals and professional benchmarks for your ongoing journey.


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