Business Analyst

Brooklyn, NY

Company Name :IBA Infotech LLC

Type : Contract

Primary Skills : JIRA, Java Script, SQL.

Location : Brooklyn


Job Description:

  • Work within the project team and sponsor to document the business vision and the project’s scope.
  • Participate in eliciting requirements using interviews, document analysis, requirements workshops, storyboards, surveys, site visits, business process descriptions, use cases, scenarios, event lists, business analysis, competitive product analysis, task and workflow analysis, and/or viewpoints.
  • Write requirements specifications using natural language simply, clearly, unambiguously, and concisely.
  • Work with a Senior Analyst to decompose high-level business statements and user requirements into functional requirements specified at an appropriate level of detail suitable for use by the development team.
  • Work with a Senior Analyst to define quality attributes, external interfaces, constraints, and other nonfunctional requirements.
  • Represent requirements using a variety of formats, such as use cases, analysis models (diagrams), prototypes, or scenarios, where appropriate.
  • Participate within the Agile team to ensure that requirement statements are complete, consistent, concise, comprehensible, traceable, feasible, unambiguous, and verifiable, and that they conform to standards.
  • Participate in peer reviews and inspections of requirements documents. Participate in peer reviews of work products derived from requirements specifications to ensure that the requirements were interpreted correctly.
  • Develop detailed test plans and test cases based on technical requirements and system design documents that are repeatable and have clearly defined expected results.
  • Execute and document test case results to validate application functionality.
  • Manage requirements traceability information and track requirements status throughout the project.
  • Manage changes to baselined requirements through effective application of change control processes and tools.


  • Listening skills, to understand what people say and to detect what they might be hesitant to say
  • Analytical skills, to critically evaluate the information gathered from multiple sources, reconcile conflicts, decompose high-level information into details, abstract up from low-level information to a more general understanding, distinguish presented user requests from the underlying true needs, and distinguish solution ideas from requirements
  • Observational skills, to validate data obtained via other techniques and expose new areas for elicitation
  • Writing skills, to communicate information effectively to customers, marketing, managers, and technical staff
  • Modeling skills, to represent requirements information in graphical forms that augment textual representations in natural language, including using modeling languages already established in the development organization
  • Ability to query databases tables using SQL


  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in Information Technology or a related field is preferred.
  • Experience working in an Agile development environment is preferred.
  • A background with 5 or more years of experience as a business analyst is preferred.
  • Experience working with Atlassian’s JIRA is preferred