IBA InfoTech is a premier insurance for staffing and recruitment agency for placing talented people in the insurance industry for temporary and permanent positions. These include all levels of posts as well as all lines and products of insurance. Apart from other industries, we are also focused on meeting requirements of both employees and employers in the insurance sector.

We know insurance companies face a key challenge of finding candidates with a degree of advanced knowledge, which often requires in each job. Such tasks are generally involved not only knowledge about insurance policies but also awareness of specific areas that are being covered including assessment of property claims, health claims, dental insurance, life insurance, etc. This makes organizations in insurance sector hard to find talented personnel with specific requirements. As a result, they are forced to higher managers and sacrifice quality for quantity in their decisions. This is why they need special insurance recruiters like us who can take up their entire human resource task efficiently. We are experienced in the insurance industry and can help meet their recruitment needs and produce ideal candidates for each vacancy.

One of the prime advantages of having our staffing services is that we have an access to a larger network of potential candidates who are screened and assessed perfectly for compatibility with different postings in the insurance sector. This helps companies focus on their business operations instead of spending time and money in recruiting people. We provide staffing services for following positions in the insurance industry:

  • Claims Broker
  • Claims Administrator
  • Personal Lines Manager
  • Underwriter
  • Claims Adjuster
  • Treaty Specialist
  • Commercial Insurance Broker
  • And much more!

So, we are an expert in recruiting bilingual or multi-lingual talents for various positions in the insurance sector. We provide qualified applicants for handling multiple insurance jobs.