Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Released initially in the year 2010 in February, Microsoft Azure is a product by Microsoft that offers the users a plethora of integrated cloud services. Basically, Microsoft Azure is another name for Microsoft Cloud. Azure offers the ease of cloud computing for as good as 600 services through a worldwide network of Microsoft Data Centers. Azure is also amazingly flexible as it offers a lot of different programming languages and different tools to work with. One may use Azure services for building, deploying or managing applications.

Services you can avail from Azure include:

  • Azure Deployment and Building that lets you build and manage mobile applications and web platforms.
  • Data storage and recovery on a cloud.
  • Running business applications and other computer jobs.
  • Cloud streaming of videos, movies, and music.

Microsoft Azure Services

Azure Portal definitely comes across as useful as it lets you view as well as manage all your web applications, provide a backup storage as well and makes it easier for the users worldwide to manage resources in the most efficient way. Microsoft Azure since its release has been developing and is providing users worldwide with a simple cloud computing experience.

Azure Technologies offers myriad service, some of which are listed below:

  • Offers app services that let the users publish and manage apps and websites.
  • Testing, developments, and distribution of mobile apps.
  • Launching virtual machines like Microsoft Windows and Linux.
  • Collecting analytics.
  • Azure SQL database services, used to create and extend applications to the cloud.