DevOps Engineer

San Francisco, CA

Company Name :IBA Infotech LLC

Type : Contract

Primary Skills : DevOps with AWS

Location : San Francisco


Job Description:

Minimum 7 years’ experience

  • Expertise in AWS platform, Linux Operating Systems, Networking, and Database concepts.
  • Strong programming experience with Python
  • Strong programming experience in Linux scripting
  • Strong proficiency in MySQL database management
  • You will ensure the availability, scalability, performance and security of CodeObjects applications in AWS.
  • You will research various aspects or topics in Amazon Web Services (AWS) related to DevOp. You are required to develop the solution through programming in order to automate the process. A solid programming skill with detail analysis is needed.
  • You will administrate CodeObjects resources in AWS including provisioning, monitoring and maintenance.
  • You will work with various Engineering teams to outline the DevOp execution strategy for different projects.
  • You will carry out DevOp tasks and ensure they are executed correctly in AWS.
  • You are required to have well-rounded research and analysis in various AWS projects.

A minimum of 1 year experience in practical knowledge of BPM workflow engineering