Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Charlotte, NC

Company Name :IBA Infotech LLC

Type : Contract

Primary Skills : CMYK, spot colors, white underlayment,

Location : Charlotte


Job Description:


  • Conceptualizes, plans, designs, edits and produces a wide range of specialized graphics and/or illustrative material.
  • Oversees and coordinates with Operations the label production process; develops appropriate production media and label materials; inspects proofs for accuracy and adherence to appropriate production standards.
  • Collect files to send to the printer and then work with them creating product dies lines, # of colors, monitor registration and print quality
  • Assists the Creative & Marketing Director with creative and marketing needs.
  • Work with various departments throughout the organization to provide graphic support for projects as requested, while helping to manage project timelines, completion and final delivery.
  • Collaborate with Operations for UPC barcode #, R&D for Nutritional Information, and Regulator for compliance information.
  • Provides technical advice and guidance and serves as liaison with label production.
  • May create and produce digital graphics for social media, e-mail campaigns, print ads, posters, and other graphical assets.
  • May create, edit and produce video graphics using video assets.
  • Performs miscellaneous job-related tasks as assigned.
  • Assist with maintaining brand vendor portal website with label assets and images
  • Enjoys working in a team environment


  • 2+ years of experience designing labels for products
  • Strong compelling online design portfolio that includes commercial printing and product packing examples
  • Excellent eye for color and design
  • Experience with Animation
  • Strong knowledge of the printing process including CMYK, spot colors, white underlayment, raised varnishes, etc.
  • Understanding of label materials and printing techniques.
  • Very proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat Pro).
  • Willingness to be flexible and accommodating in this fast-paced environment.
  • Strong communication and project management skills with strength in meeting deadlines.
  • Attentive to details and very well organized.
  • Must be a proactive and enthusiastic team member and team leader
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design is preferred.