Graphics Hardware Engineer

Folsom, CA

Company Name :IBA Infotech LLC

Type : Contract

Primary Skills : Perl and Python, Graphics architecture and technology, Scripting And Database development.

Location : Folsom


Job Description:

We are looking for a Graphics Hardware Engineer to develop 3D performance models describing the Gen graphics architecture, both for the plan of record processor graphics roadmap and for products under development or consideration, especially where analytical modeling approaches are appropriate. The power and performance (PNP) analysis and projections team in VTT is responsible for macro-architectural performance and power analysis and projections to the architecture, design, planning, and marketing communities. We support pre-silicon analysis and projection, Gen architectural technical readiness (TR) support, what-if analysis in TR and beyond, and the full SoC annealing flow to develop full chip performance and power models.


  • Develop models of graphics performance including 3D and GPGPU behavior
  • Model and analyze graphics architecture using scripting languages
  • Maintain and develop code in projections tools
  • Analyze, validate, and report out performance of new architectural features in the projection model
  • Analyze, validate, and report out performance of graphics (3D and compute) workloads in the pre-Si model
  • Validate and release of graphics power and performance data across a variety of Intel teams, including: Product, Design, Graphics Architecture, and Manufacturing
  • Ensures platform and its components have the best performance and power balance specifically focusing on graphics hardware components.
  • Research and development of next generation platform designs to continually improve the performance.

Your experience should be in the following:

  • Graphics Architecture (3D and/or compute); Scripting and/or Database development; 3D Graphics performance modeling and analysis.
  • Programming skills: specifically scripting languages (Perl and Python) and databases

Preferred skills and experience:

  • Excellent understanding of Graphics architecture and technology.
  • Experience with performance modeling especially where analytical modeling approaches are appropriate.
  • Expertise in performance optimization and analysis of graphics workloads