User Interface Developer

Atlanta, GA

Company Name :IBA Infotech LLC

Type : Contract

Primary Skills : JavaScript, HTML5, JSON, CSS, UI

Location : Atlanta


Job Description:


  • Creative. Technical. Ambitious. Dedicated.
  • Passionate about front-end development
  • Think the user’s experience is what matters and you’re a champion for the user.
  • Embellish the role as a teacher and a student.
  • Understand that as an Interface Developer the design isn’t just about how it looks or how it works, but how users experience it.
  • Have the proven ability to leverage current technology to craft elegant solutions to complex problems.
  • Know that front-end code using current standards for cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility is a must.
  • Have an updated online portfolio demonstrating your contributions to user-centric experiences that combine your technical skills with your creative skills.

Technical Requirements:

  • Proven UI experience
  • Proficiency with the following: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and other Web and Mobile Frameworks, JSON
  • Multi-platform OS (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • Experience building web applications for iPhone/Android and iPad/tablets