Data Scientist and Computer Engineer

Norcross, GA

Company Name :IBA Infotech LLC

Type : Contract

Primary Skills : TensorFlow, D3.js, AI, Machine Learning, Go, Hadoop, Scala, .Net, Java, Node.js, Angular, C#, Python

Location : Norcross


Job Description:

Required Experience:

  • 1+ year of experience in applying, development and validation of machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence to real customer and business problems.
  • Master’s or PhD in related field such as Computer Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, Math, Engineering, etc.
  • Programing skills with machine learning/deep learning libraries (TensorFlow, Caffee, Scikit-learn, PyTorch, Keras, etc.)
  • Programing skills with modern languages (Python, C#, Java, Scala, Go, etc.)
  • Programing skills with APIs and micro-services (node.JS, swagger, containers)
  • Programing skills with big-data open source stack (Hadoop, spark, map-reduce, etc.)
  • Programming skills with front-end stack and analytics (html-5, angular, D3.JS, etc.)

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Thinks big and likes to generate bold concepts and ideas – visionary by nature
  • Passion to succeed and know how to celebrate quick wins but also understands how to fail fast and not to give up
  • Take ideas into action by putting together fast workable solutions and gets the job done
  • Understands how to balance between team work and independent development work